On-line participatory innovation

Merging the best of an ideas box, of a collaborative portal and of internal communication tools

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How can you find the good idea among all those that have been proposed?

The good idea is the one that has been shared among many and collectively worked upon to build an implementable proposal.

It reflects all points of view and withstood the constructive criticism of the group.

Sometimes, it is the outcome of contradictory debates, where all points of view have been defended, and which resulted in a consensus. This consensus is made stronger by the fact that every person could express him/herself, and was listened to by all.

Nova-Ideo collects ideas and transforms them into implementable proposals

See the ideas

On the start page, the user sees all ideas, proposals and registered members. S/he can search, note an idea, draft a proposal and access his/her personal contents.

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Note an idea

The user can create an idea on any type of terminal. S/he feeds in the title, the text, the keywords and can attach documents.

In working mode with validation

The first connected participant validates the changes proposed by another Participant.

S/he can Accept, Modify or Reject the change.

If s/he modifies it, his/her evolution will be submitted to another connected participant.

In working mode with amendments

Votes on amendments are performed as a majority judgement.

The majority judgement is an efficient means to reach a consensus on the amendments to adopt.

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Propose together

Do you want to create innovation dynamics? Keep track of the ideas of your employees? Optimise your decision-making? Nova-Ideo's ambition is to provide a complete process for your working groups to transform ideas into fully-fledged proposals. When on line, the participants choose the best cooperative working mode: wiki-based, with validation, or with amendments and votes.


Our offer

Nova-Ideo exists in three versions:

  • Nova-Ideo.com Public is free and open to all. Everybody sees the ideas, the discussions, the proposals and the members.

  • Nova-Ideo.com Basic is available with a basic commitment. Each subscriber has his/her own public or confidential platform and invites whom s/he wants to propose ideas and participate in the drafting of proposals.

  • Nova-Ideo.com Business is available with a business commitment. The organisation has access to a public or a confidential high-availability platform with a high-reactivity maintenance. It has the possibility to add extension modules, or to have them being developed specifically.

  • For more information, please consult the price list



Nova-Ideo is the outcome of our internal Research & Development. We are therefore able to adapt it to all your needs. Your imagination is our only limit, so don't hesitate. Like others did, ask us for the impossible.

You can contribute to the improvement of Nova-Ideo by proposing ideas for improvement and by creating proposals with our other users. To do so, register on evolutions.nova-ideo.com

Nova-Ideo is a free software available under the AGPL V3+ licence. Its source code is available on GitHub

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